Book Review – Missing at the Reflecting Pool from Diane Pomerantz

In”Lost in the Reflecting Pool,” psychologist Diane Pomerantz takes us along with her since she reflects on her debilitating union into a meditative psychologist called Charlie. When their romantic relationship commenced, it seemed that the very good outweighed the poor. Charlie”did all the ideal ideas,” which caused Diane to miss out any warning signs. As time passed, the couple dealt with infertility problems, adoption and Diane’s breast feeding cancer. Charlie’s behavior worsened and Diane was left feeling emotionally deserted. It had been debilitating to read as she strove to keep her family together whilst struggling to live. During that moment, Diane also found that Charlie was having improper relationships with a few of the own patients. In addition to his additional abhorrent behavior, Charlie also leaves a diary out for Diane to see and read about his love . Diane knew she must to find a way to proceed along with her entire life previous to Charlie totally destroyed .

“Lost in a Reflecting Pool” has some really forgettable minutes, yet Diane’s energy shines through as she sees out a way out and has the ability to generate a better lifestyle for herself and her own children. Her journey provides strength to many others that are in identical conditions. Having personally experienced connections with narcissists, I really might relate to a great deal of exactly what she travelled , especially, once I return and determine the way I enabled myself to overlook the indicators. In one instance, I became very good friends by having an exwife of somebody with whom I was at a romantic relationship. As he replicated his same narcissistic behaviors with me, she said seeing this served her know she was not crazy. I could totally understand this, since I really think for most individuals, it is really hard to understand how somebody can get joy from causing pain to others, particularly those who are supposed to become described as a loved individual. In Diane’s case, she was a psychologist and also he also a psychologist. He had been at a profession using high moral criteria, specially affecting patients.

I guess that a few people who have real tendencies can choose occupations in mental health on account of the simplicity by that they find their victims. For those of us who sincerely opt to work in professions at which individuals desire to help the others, this really is unthinkable, yet evidence is that it can really come about. Charlie took his behaviour to a high degree, in that he was emotionally abusive to his family. I visit him as a greedy sociopath. Iam quite happy that Diane made her escape and raised two successful kids.

“Lost at the Reflecting Pool,” from Diane Pomerantz is now an essential story for others to see, particularly if they’re beginning to find some tell tale signals. This memoir is wonderful. Well-written and, directly from the heart, individuals will easily relate to so much of everything she says. Diane is very inspiring, and that I believe that by discussing her harrowing journey, she’s going to help others to avoid precisely the exact same discomfort. A wonderful message of courage and hope.

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